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Advice and Support

What can we do for you?

From grassroots groups that have an idea through to longstanding organisations with specific objectives to fulfil, CAS members have the experience and know-how to help you get to where you want to be. From assisting through the refinements of a vision into realistic aims, through support while choosing and structuring a constitution and governance model, to the operational processes that will make it functional and practical: we’re here to support and advise you every step of the way. These are some of the areas we commonly provide support and advice on.

Starting your group

From creating a constitution to discussing what type of organisation to create.

Running your group

Do you need a management committee or board of trustees? How often should you meet and what should you discuss regularly? How will you attract and train volunteers with the right skills?

Planning and Evaluating your services

Do your services still fulfil a community need? Has your community changed since your organisation has set up and how will your organisation plan adapt to meet new needs?

Funding and fundraising

Is your organisation able to plan what resources it will need for the years ahead? Is your organisation in a fit state to access certain sources of funding?

Negotiation and liaison

Do you feel able to negotiate and liaise with local authorities and other public sector organisations and commissioning bodies?

Community Assets

What resources do you need to deliver and develop your services? If you need a building how do you plan for managing it and maximising income from other activities?


If you are managing a building, are you fully aware of your responsibilities regarding health and safety, fire safety, safeguarding, public liability etc?

Closing down an organisation

Every organisation has a lifespan. Changing communities, changing needs and resources make advice on closing down an organisation in a safe, legal manner essential.